Love an Epic…

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am sitting and going through the words written long back in my phone and saved as drafts. We try to sometimes ignore and avoid many things but deep inside we know that we are the only ones responsible to take care of some unfinished businesses. May it be an apology to a closed one, may it be confession to ourselves, may it be some work related issue, or may it be trying to do something and failing the hundredth time and yet trying one more one last time.

Either we have to face it and let it go or we fake it and take it along through out our lives with an “i wish if”.

Those words from the phone goes like:

Love thru d rains n thru d fires, reaching thru ur soul to ur heart’s evy desire,,

Leavin behind d trails n d marks of new beginings, leavin behind n takin along d unspoken words of love, passion in endless rings,,

You choose to suffer u choose to bear d known bitter yet sweet pain of memories,,
U try n make evy ryt wrong n evy wrong ryt,
U try n accept evy wound given, u try to hide ur tears n create ur own love theories,,

Nothin works, no medicinal cure seems to b soothing d emptiness n d hole Insyd,,
U cry out to sleeps, u cry out n weep in d darkness n in d shadows of d Lyts,
D invisibl yet visibl pain begins to take a lead n is alwz standin by ur syd,,

D relief is found in d name in d game of d one ur heart is enslaved to,
It’s d rhythm of d flowing tears its d moments of joy u had seen thru,,

U live to die hundred deaths in d moments that had made u alive once,,
U die wid evy second’s tik, u die whn u hear those sounds dat prick,
U live d lyf  lyk an unwanted n an haunted dream dat had been a fairy tale once!!!


Happy Readinggg!!!

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