Yesss I want it,, Nooo i Dont.. ! ! !

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Waiting, waiting and waiting. Sometimes the wait gets so long that it begins to fade how it felt like to want something badly. You begin to doubt whether you really want it or do you even deserve it? Questions, endless, senseless questions pops into your head to add onto your anxiety to add to your fear.

You begin to think, what if i really got what i wanted, would i be able to handle it, would i be happy then or i am better off now without it as now you have learned to live without that thing which once you wanted so bad. Then again, lyf cannot be simple so it brings the twist by sending a hope that you will get what you want just want it bad enough so that everything conspires to let it get to you.

I am firm believer of god. I know it exists, and each and every wish you make is noted down in his diary. It just takes tym to get to your wish in the list but he surely does take care of what you want. If its taking time then it means before getting that, you need to learn something, you need to be prepared for it, you need to get something else before, may be something, which is even better than what you are asking for.

Life, my life is full of turns, good ones, bad ones, surprising ones and even unwanted ones. I say, i hate my life at times but the ones who had been in it since long, says, a person’s lyf should be like ur’s. Then i realize that may be its not so bad just the bad turn i am onto. 🙂

I write, because its what i feel, as everyone knows that girls have this characteristic that they cannot keep things to themselves, so i am no different in this case. But yes, i love to write and when i write, sometimes, the words fit themselves into beautiful poems. And these poems are nothing but the reality which i sometimes fail to face but pretend that i am aware of it and eventually i face them with the help of my words.

Here are the few words i wrote while facing and not faking.

“Life is what we expect it to be,,
Neither is it what others say, nor is it what we  see,,

Its like a story we are reading,

Guessing the next chapter every time and yet creating a new one each time!!!! “

Happy Reading!!!!! 🙂

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