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M Invisible to d world!!!

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Wow,,, What can be more peaceful then u, urself being at peace!

Trust me, today is Saturday and i am sitting in office with my legs crossed on the chair, headphones in my ears and a movie playing on my Mac mini.

It just amazing when you dont have to work and you still are pretending it and watching and doing wateva you want.

I have actually from the past few days, learnt about not giving a fuck on wat evrybody is gonna think on wat m doing or saying or hw creepy i look.  And, for a change this feeling feels too awesome. I would say, way tooo awesome.

I feel freee,, i have no restrictions i have nothing to worry about because this is my life. I wear clothes that doesnt make sense at al but to me only. I am pairing up trousers with god forbid a t-shirt. I have neva thot of dressing like this but this feels fun and i sometimes feel that i wanna dress up even in a more funny way. How does it matter what you wear, until or unless u like it.

I love it like this at work, when i am alone in my cubicle and m watching a movie(This time m watching bandslam) and i can feel m invisible to d world.



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