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Posted: November 4, 2014 in Happiness, Life, Love, Patience, Peace


The life will begin the day you really wake up and see not with just your eyes but with your vision and your beliefs.

How boring and interesting can life be at the same time?

But, guess what, it will always have something for you in the store.

The childhood gave you the gift of innocence and the selfless love of the people around you. You grew up with those unreal dreams in your heart. But time and lyf molded those dreams into something meaningful for you.

Some dreams were shattered and broken, just to make some place for the new ones to teach you and help you get ready for the toughest of things out there.

There was a time when you thought you had lost everything and couldn’t find a meaning of your being alive. That was the time for you to learn about loss and more importantly learn about change.

You were to learn that nothing comes with a lyf tym warranty, so do not take anything for granted.

Cherish each and every moment you have and when it is gone, pack those memories in a gold box and keep them on the shelf of your heart.

And get ready to welcome the new things or people or the new memories without any regrets of what you lost.

Just a word, a person, a movie, a song, a dream or even a smile can wake you in a new world of your happiness.

Just allow life to give you surprises even if that brings sorrow in the beginning.

But hold on to that hope in the darkest of place as it will certainly guide you to the light.

Remember, When there is PAIN, then it demands TO BE FELT. Once you feel it, you will be freed!!

When u know u r not BEAUTIFUL enuff, but yet BEAUTIFULL enuff..!!
CHannel out both the good and BAd …!!
BUILD it! One brick at a time..

Happy Reading!!!