From a “Not A Writer” Diary!!

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Happiness, Life


I was watching a movie recently and suddenly it clicked.

Why am i able to write things? Or does the whole world has this capability to write?

I don’t write everyday, but it happens, after days, months or years or ages it occurs to me that i need to scribble it down.

I am definitely not a writer i believe!

Its just that i write things which i feel i cannot express or ask. And while i am writing this, i feel, what a reserved kind of personality i am.

But hell no, i am an extremist, i am an extrovert, i am talkative. Then i wonder, which angle makes me reserved and a kind who is not able say things.

There are always certain things that we discover about ourselves when we meet some people.

And i have discovered something about myself after i met, not technically met actually.

I realized i am not talkative, which definitely i am.

I realized apart from rock music i do like other kind of genres as well but not completely.

I had always thought that i don’t believe in making plans but i had been planning lately..

I realized that i am a stranger to myself sometimes 😛

But that does not matter as long as it is not anything bad.

Do you know that we all have layers in our personality? And each of this layer uncovers itself when d right people are around to nurture.

I never knew that my soul feeds on the happiness around me. When i see smiles around and when i realize i am the one bringing those smiles, i fly.

I am writing this because i cant say it loud that i love to hear laughter. I cant say it loud that i want to spread happiness wherever i go.

I cant say all of these things but when i am writing these down i hear them Loud in my head.

Well not that i am mad or something! Lol

So, just try and write down things you are not able to say or express..

Our brains cannot keep a track of each and every thing. As it is one little thing that has other things to do as well like passing on messages to cells n god knows wat else.

So why burden it wid anything else. Write down those things.

Bad ones wont bear any relevance after a while and the good ones will stay even after you die.

And when you will read them after a long time, you will certainly smile at the end.

Happy Reading!

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