Fate & Me ! !

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Happiness, Humor, Life, Love, Patience, Peace

Till today i didn’t bother much.

You must be wondering, what am i talking about here. Well, from the past ten days i had been thinking of writing this post about what is happening with me.

From the past couple of days i had been thinking to jot down about what i am feeling every passing day.

And finally, i am sitting, with ed sheeran’s Kiss me playing in my ears and i am all relaxed.


But suddenly it occurs to me that i should write as today is the last day!


These last few days of the year are gonna decide the rest of my life.

I Can Do It , Yeah!!

I Can Do It , Yeah!!

As such i am not feeling anything, no anxiety no excitement no nothing but a confusion about how should i actually feel.

But i do have these questions popping up in my head every then and now.

Would i fall in love? Well, i feel that’s bit difficult.

Would i be able to tune into the new frequency?


Fate had been a real player with me. Whenever i had thought i am playing safe and smart and everything is working according to me, that is the time when Fate shows me “who’s the boss” and i loose!





Well, Me and fate, we dodge each other, we laugh at each other but above all we keep playing this game of life to keep it alive.


This time i am just sitting back and relaxing and letting the fate take its course of action without any of my interference.



Well, i decided to back off because i have realized one thing, the more you try to control what happens in your life, the more you loose.

So loosen up the grip on life and let it breathe.

Let the time and destiny take you to your destination. You just enjoy the ride and allow life to surprise you.


Give up the control for once and then you shall find the peace within you!


Happy Reading!


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