She is d ChEEsE N Hes d ToAsT ! !

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Happiness, Humor, Life, Love, Peace
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I was thinking about what title to use for my next post and then i had so many thoughts flying in my head.

But then this one came up, i donno how. And was the best to suit to the content i am about to write.

I am talking generally about two people here.

How can u differentiate between nature and behavior of two humans. Where one of them is a gal above all.


M just a lil Dreamy!

How different can two people be? Well, apart from the physical aspects. 😉

I am gonna share a few things and you will get an idea about what i am talking about here.

  One has taste buds dancing al d tym to savor al d flavors and foods in d world.

not eaten

The other has taste buds, but they are busy doing evythn else other than bothering about their sole role of enjoying the food.

Really? Do i need to eat again?

Really? Do i need to eat again?


She belongs to a planet of , well , she’s still trying to figure that out.. Lol

I will luk better when i will go out!

I luk cute in the morning!!!

And he’s the  Lion of planet of: Don’t mess with Me!

The time is said to be known as money. This is how they both spend this money.

I just need a power nap of couple of hours!

I need a power nap of just a couple of hours !

And the other one is busy planning for future.

There should be a backup plan !

There should be a backup plan !

Joy to her is in everything, it is in sleeping, eating, talking nonsense, in deciding clothes to wear to work, in buying gifts for others, in taking care of others, in getting a hair cut, etc etc .

I don't even know y m so happy!

I don’t even know y m so happy!

And, joy to him is WINNING!

Well, That was EaSY!

Well, That was EaSY!

Life is unpredictable. And so is fate. It takes you to places where you don’t expect to go. It brings you to people to places which can add that one missing flavour in your life’s dish.

We meet people, some are good, some are bad, some helps us and some gives up on us. But the whole point of coming into our lives is to add something to it. Some teaches us and , to some we teach.

It all eventually adds up to help us reach our higher destiny.

Welcome everything and everyone with a possible widest smile. Just know one thing, a new flavour is coming and you won’t know if its good or bad until you taste it!!

Keep living and keep dancing till it ends!

M happy and i kno it!

M happy and i kno it!

Happy Reading ! !

Cheers 🙂 !

  1. Monica says:

    Just loved it…


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