A PoCkEt fULl oF DrEaMs!!

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Happiness, Humor, Life, Love, Patience, Peace

Wat comes to your mind when somebody asks u about ur dream?

Well, when somebody asks me that, a slide show starts playing in my head..

Because i don’t have just one dream. But i have dozens of them. And i can always share them with somebody who needs one or a couple of them.. Hehehehehe.. M very generous!

When i was a kid i dreamt of becoming naval officer, then i grew up a bit n i dreamt of becoming IAS officer, then i got into teenage n i dreamt of becoming doctor, astronaut, engineer, actor, fencing player etc etc.

Somehow one of those dreams came true. Courtesy my father, he got me into engineering. During my engineering, my dreams list kept on changing. I wanted to be into a rock band, then i wanted to be a dancer, singer, model, again an actress etc etc.

Now, six years later, after my engineering, i still have a dreams list.

Singing is still there but a new addition to it are dreams like having a 6 digit salary, a world tour, joining nat geo or discovery to become an explorer, photographer, musician, a philosopher etc.

But all this while, in all these years, one thing was consistent. And that one thing is writing. I started writing in 7th standard.

Our maths class was about to start when i don’t remember what made me write on d last page of my notebook. I showed it to d gal sitting next to me. She said it was great, and that one line praise marked d beginning of my writing.

And today, after almost 15 years, i am still writing.

I had never dreamt of becoming a writer and i still don’t but writing has become such a part of me that i can’t dream of myself without it.

One of d most beautiful and scariest dream is to have love in your life. To have that one person who is your best friend, your companion, your everything. The one who completes you, with whom you can be yourself. Love can really change a person, a life and even the entire world.

But when love goes wrong, nothing goes right!

Learn to appreciate others even for that one percent of their work, it might put them to a right track. Tell people in your life what place and importance they hold, u will not only add a smile to their face but you will earn a sense of peace within you.

Be polite and loving to people around you. The more you will give, the more you will receive.

Dream as much as u want as they keep ur lyf in a motion!

When u stop dreaming, u stop doing n when u stop doing, you are leaving the pages of your life’s book empty.

Life is not difficult, its only our expectations that makes it difficult! !

Happy Reading!



  1. Monica says:

    I just felt as if it was so much related to my life… Just loved it.. Was so encouraging………


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