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Trust me, the biggest trickster in this world is your mind!


Its true! Yes, i have been the recent victim of my mind’s trick.

Well, i am confused here. I don’t know whether its my mind that tricked me or the fate?

But one thing is certain that i was fooled. I was fooled by the fate or my mind , whosoever is behind the scene.

Oh Snap

Y Meeee!

I was hoping to get something and was very positive about it until today. Firstly, i got a notion that if you don’t bother about the thing bothering you then its gonna work in your favor. I don’t know what and y i was thinking that.

My brains are literally empty now i feel.

My brains are literally empty now i feel.

So the lesson here is if something is bothering you then let it bother you until it doesn’t effect you anymore. Or else, the fate will bring it to you two folds.

And that’s what happened with me. I tried and tried and tried not to let it get to me but tadaaaa!

As always fate enters with a bang!!



There’s a thing with me, when i get tooo emotional and when i cant control d pain inside, i burst into a laughter. I actually do that. Well, technically that is not something i am choosing to do but that’s how my brain handles the outburst of emotions i am feeling but not able to express.

I know i am silly!

I know i am silly!

And the worst thing is that during all this while my mind kept giving me the thoughts and intuition that oh Yes! Everything is gonna work fine, just don’t think about it.

And guess what, i was such a fool to believe that.

I ignored that lil whisper in my head that always said that there are chances that its not gonna work, so be prepared.

But, i never listened to that and kept believing the trick, the lie, my mind told me.

However, now that i know i cant do anything about what had happened already, my inner goddess who whispered that bitter truth, is relishing in her victory.

You should have listened to me.

You should have listened to me.

But that’s alright, as i had once said in one of my earlier posts that this is how fate and i play.

So what if i lost this time, i am gonna win the next. One defeat cant decide anything.

Somebody always tells me that this is a cruel world, and if you lost this time then it is not the end of the world! 🙂

“It was a bend not the end.”

You have to fight your battles yourself. Cry, laugh, complaint, cherish, fate is gonna make you go through every single thing that’s gonna build you, strengthen you for the next bend until you get to the end!!

PS: Always listen to that lil whisper in your head, its always right!

Happy Reading!

Hope! This word itself holds a life in it.

Recently i heard some very beautiful words,

Where there is hope, there is life.


In dis world, where utter nonsense is being shown by the media, there is still some scope of finding life changing messages waiting to reach us.

” When nothing remains, there remains hope.”

Life is an interesting novel. When you go through tough times, you loose all your inside and outside battles. But deep down, you will know that this shall pass too. This is temporary, its not gonna last long.

No problem in this world comes without a solution. All it takes is an effort to find the solution, to get to it.

Science also says that everything in this universe tries to attain a state of equilibrium. And this implies every where, to living as well as to non living beings.

When there are difficult times, just know that they come in your life to tell you about the importance of happiness. To add the equilibrium which is missing somewhere in your book.

Its alright, completely alright to give up. Y am saying this?
There is a logic and reason behind everything, i believe. Try and find that reason. And the logic here, i will explain with an example from our day to day activities.

Life is like a sack of wheat you carrying in your arms. Holding too tightly, you are climbing the stairs and with every stair you are loosing the grip.

To get a hold back on to it, you put it down and pick it up again with a better grip and in a better position.

And that’s how it all works, thats how it happens.

Give up when you cant take it anymore, its only gonna help you to stand right up again. Realize that hope lying somewhere in the back of your head.

Hope holds us together against all d odds. It takes us to d roads never travelled never discovered.

It takes us to the destination we are meant to reach.

Somebody told me a beautiful truth:

“Don’t resist d change, embrace it and it will embrace you back!”


“Hope is d only key to all those closed doors in your life. “

When there’s a hope, there’s definitely a scope!

Happy Reading!
Cheers 🙂