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A Little Life Within!

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Happiness

In every soul there is a little life within,
On all those silent lips, there are millions of words screaming,,

Eyes that carry a hope for tomorrow,
Heart that holds a breath of happiness with no tears or no sorrow,,

Walk that extra mile, walk until you get to that destination,
Work for nobody work just for yourself till you get that fascination,,

Laugh it all out, laugh without any hesitation,
Dance when you feel low, fly as high as you can but hold on to that gravitation,,

Carry the joy of today in your heart, glimpse of tomorrow in your eyes,
Life nourishes on days like that, the day you stop trying is when it dies,,

Stay calm when it gets dark, with time you will see whats going around,
Follow that one ray of light, follow that one unheard sound,,

Love like nobody ever did, love in a way that they remember you for your madness,
Love in a way that when you’re gone you leave smile on their face and a heart full of happiness,,

Give them your heart, your soul, give them the memories of a life time,
Love them enough, live them enough, let these be your only crime,,

Never cry for what you didn’t get, for what you couldn’t do in the past,

Hold on to the present, have faith in tomorrow because that’s what’s gonna last!!

Happy Reading!