What is your Comfort Zone?

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Beautiful, Happiness, Humor, Life, Love, Patience, Peace
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I had been away from writing for a long time. And i always used to wonder how is that possible. As i always thought that writing and sharing my thoughts here, is a channel to speak out whats inside of me.

But guess what, not writing, not sharing with the world about my perspective became a comfort zone for me.

So here i am getting out of my comfort zone and writing about whats going on these days.

I  had been always a kind of person who tries to do things in the easiest way. But hey, i try doing it that way but i end up doing it in the most complicated manner.

I was wondering and thinking hard about the concept of comfort zone. And i came up with these thoughts:



  1. Lazy Brains

Comfort zone is nothing but the state when our mind is too lazy to get its ass to work and hence it forecasts the message that whatever is going on is the best or is acceptable. And, as a result we just sit back and do nothing about the things we want.





2. Outcome seems like a dream

So this one is the most important factor or i would say the whole sole factor. You try and had been putting more than you have into something and then with time, with all the struggle you had been doing, it looses its charm. You no more crave for it as you have learned to live without it and you have grown into your world without that one thing and now getting it would be like getting out of your comfort zone.



3. Change attracts Resistance

So the complimentary gift that comes with the change is, “Resistance”. No matter how great the change is, your mind will always find a reason or two to make the change unacceptable. So its very natural that you will not immediately like the change as it is a work for the brains to change everything set up in the mind according to the new set up.

So, question rises, what to do when this kinda situation comes up.

I am still looking for a solution but seems like this has become my comfort zone, which is to live without a solution and am afraid, what if i find a solution. Lol

This is not very tough but neither is easy. It just requires an effort and that can be of any sorts.

Let me know if any of you have experienced this as well and have a solution that i can use. 🙂

Cheers, 🙂 🙂

  1. Ananya Aishwarya says:

    nice piece…great writing !!!

    check out my blogs too, n follow plz..



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