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The country where i live at present and where i am born is India, and  here in India the biggest festival celebrated is the festival of Lights, known as ‘The Diwali’.

And like any other country would celebrate their festivals, we here in India celebrate our this festival with a little more enthusiasm and excitement.

A month before, the charm of the festival starts spreading around and taking into its stride all the places like malls, markets, grounds for the exhibitions and events etc.

Here is a glance at one of the malls where i went last week to see whats happening around and to have some fun and off course for shopping. 😛





.wpid-img-20151107-wa0031.jpgI had always had a strange attraction towards the fountains.  So couldnt keep myself from capturing these ones as well. 🙂

I presume that going to mall has by default shopping included in it.

So i started my day off like usual by getting up late in the morning and followed by delayed activities.

And guess what, i have started the swimming again!!

Yes! Am so happy to tell you all that am back in the waters! 🙂

So i went for swimming that afternoon and after wards i picked up one of my office friends and we started the shopping spree with big smile.

We had decided on earlier that we will go bowling depending upon how soon we can get turn in the queues. As on weekends it is always crowded and usually demands an hour of your time to get to your turn.

But to our surprise we got in very easily.

Bowling lanes

So we both started the game and i did not have a clue that am gonna love it so much. No doubts that at least 5 to 6 times i missed to hit the targets but hey i did very well laters. 🙂

And the funny thing was that the bowling balls that were available were weighing 7kg to 12kgs. Different colors had different weights.

I was off course unaware of that so i picked up as per the color and not the weight. Which i realized was the heaviest of all. lol

As we had couple of people playing next to us, i didn’t want to appear as a lost person who didn’t know what to pick and what not to. 😛




So bracing myself up, i picked up the heaviest ball(i didnt wat to) and rolled it in the lane.

And Bamm!! The first strike hardly could stay in the lane and got right into the channel and scoring me a BIG ZERO!

ha ha ha

But, that was fun, a lot of fun. That one ZERO was followed by a couple of more. 😛

I started running calculations in my mind for throwing the ball at this angle or that angle or throwing after taking few steps backward first etc etc.



Oh God! I realized that the other day it felt like i was in some competition or a professional game where it was a mandate to win the game.

But on the whole, i have had one of the best times recently while bowling.

So it took us around 30-45 mins to finish 20 shots each.

And guess what, who won at the end?





Not because i played well, but because we started the game incorrectly by mistake and our turns got switched under the names. So whatever she scored reflected under my name and whatever i used to score displayed under her name. He he he, isn’t it cool that i won somehow! 🙂 🙂

Well winning or loosing was not the point here but the fun which we both had enormously.

Afterwards we we went shopping and had some good regional JUNK food here to satisfy our dancing taste buds. Have a look at what we had!


                                                                     Deliciously Delicious It Was!


And to give a finishing touch to our outing that day, were the pictures we clicked together, selfies, etc.

Hope i will have a lot more experiences like this in future which i will make sure to share with you all because it feels so good to share the things which makes you smile and happy.



 So hoping that i have added a smile on your face i will be finishing off this post.



Till then , keep smiling, keep eating, and keep reading 🙂

Cheers ! !