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Age! The word itself contains hundreds and thousands of definitions.

It is that subject on which the book of your life is written.

It is that one reality we know and yet we forget with the passage of time.

I wonder, how the value of just three letters can sum up everything about you.

To me, what age is, here are few words on it:



Age, its the innocence of childhood,

Its the beauty of the youth,,

Its not the measure of wrinkles on your skin,

It is the count of moments of happiness and ruth,,

Its the ticking clock, which never stops, neither it would,

It’s the brutal reality which ain’t no good,,

Its not about the lies but only the truth,,

You age with time and yet you don’t,

Its a circle bringing you back to where you started no matter what you want,,

You began, you struggled, you learned

You choose, you deny, but in end nothing goes with you,

You leave behind all the treasures, its just the memories that you take with you!!




Age isn’t a mere number, it is a formula calculating the sum of your life!

You must be wondering why I termed it as a formula. Its because, this one or two digit number of your age describes you.

Not everybody ages beautifully. This life is a game of numbers, to add zeros in our bank balance we subtract the days, months and years from our life. Loosing countless moments, we pile up the stress for making the future on the expense of those tiny moments.

We fail to live today in order to leave peacefully tomorrow.

Its an art to grow old. Its an art to make memories today.

Well, i don’t mean to say here that we should not make money 😛


Else how would we finance those memories 😉

But jokes apart, ageing is that balance we learn to maintain between the materialistic, worldly things and the things that brings us peace in real.

Ageing is to look at the person you love standing in the corner of the hall and breathing them and their presence in your life.

Ageing is the sum of moments you have on your finger tips from every phase of your life that made it so beautiful that you still remember it and cherish it. Like the moment from the childhood when you had your first crush or you failed or passed unexpectedly in an exam.

It is one of those moments when you got your first pay check, when you bought the first gift for your mother and father. It is all those moments when you had endless fights with your siblings and then when you got married you laughed remembering all those.

Ageing is when you don’t fall short of stories to tell to your kids and your grand kids.

When you are old enough that you cant walk properly but you have that partner besides you holding your hand in front of the world and kissing you on your forehead or cheeks and telling you that you are the Best.

LiFe is, always being with the one you LoVe!

LiFe It Is!

Ageing is growing old outside and physically and yet keeping that child inside us always alive and curious.

The world says that time never stops for anyone neither would it come back for anyone. But to me, ageing is that box which takes in all the good and bad moments. And whenever you will open that box you will get either of the two things:

A Smile, that how beautiful was that phase and time of life,,



Age is the bundle of pages from your life that you choose to keep close to your heart no matter how beautiful or ugly they are!

Happy Reading,


Merry ChRiStMaS! !

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Santa's on The WaYyy!

Santa’s on The WaYyy!

Doesn’t this word sounds so sinful?

But why is this desperation for anything considered bad? Wanting something to happen, why is that not considered right?

I have this desperation inside of me to write something that reaches out to each and every heart. That everyone can connect to. Would that be considered wrong as well?

If am not wrong, I believe every human has at least one thing or something they are desperate for. Some are desperately looking for fame, some desperately want money (well for this one, everyone is desperate I am sure).

An artist is desperate to create their masterpiece, once in a lifetime painting, a poet dies everyday to become immortal in their words, a chef is desperate for their one signature dish that would leave people asking for more.

And every one of us is desperate for love and care in our lives. Some show this, out loud and some hide this desperation inside!

So why is this desperation not good? Isn’t passion also one of the same things?

Its definitely CONFUSING!


The dictionary says that desperation is hopelessness, is it really true?

I don’t buy that at all.

I don’t know how I got into writing about this word but I feel there is something positive hidden somewhere in the corner behind it. Isn’t it?

When you are desperate for something, you do it, you work for it.

Like when you are thirsty you got to have water to quench that thirst.

No matter how!

No matter how! (I could not keep myself from using this gify.. :P)

And same is the desperation, it is that thirst or hunger of life for various different things.

At some point of time in your life, you will have that desperation. That desperation can be of anything, can be of any sorts. But the point is that you have got to embrace it, you have to let it lead you to something constructive and not mislead you to destruction.

There are always going to be two sides to anything that you want. All of their pros and cons will be laid in front of you.  The wrong ones will be all glittery and full of light but the right ones will be dull and might appear darker. All that matters is which one you pick!

Desperation, passion, obsession, desire, all these words are usually confused with each other depending upon our state of mind. The later two are the darker sides of the first two and when not taken carefully, can lead you to the path of destruction.

At the end whether its passion or its obsession or desperation, they will eventually will build you for who you truly are and want to be. For who you are inside and it will bring that to brighten you outside. And all it depends upon is your STATE OF MIND

I asked many people about what they think passion, desperation, desire and obsession are. And almost everybody was confused when i asked them about the difference in all these.



Some said desperation and obsession are sickness. Some said desperation is nothing but just another word for your needs and desires. And one of them said nowadays people use this term out of their convenience and where they feel it sounds good.

And somebody said  desperation is a mad rat race whereas passion is a quest, and I agree, it really is an unending quest that completes the puzzle of life. But I feel that if desperation is a mad rat race then the race will eventually end at cheese i believe! 😛

The only thing we need to remember is that, be it our passion or our desperation, the outcome of both will only be for US and not the WORLD!

Good luck to you all for your passion, obsession or desperation or whatever it is in your life that you await.

Use it to build you and not break you!




And since writing is the soul of my life story,so here are few words of my story:

Life demands a story for your lifetime,

make sure story of your life is worth many billions,

NOT just a Dime!!


Happy Reading! 🙂 🙂


Mystery POOpEr!!

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Toilet humor is certainly funny but i know majority of people in the world would react like EEEwwwwWWW!

But to ME?


I don’t get it, its a part of natural phenomenon of our body but when somebody is eating and you said something around poop then they will be like, Man, i cant eat now.

I always wonder when they react in that manner, are they imagining poop in place of their food or what?

OWWw! The sick FeelinG

OWWw! The sick FeelinG on their Faces!

In this scenario i might look a little insensitive besides being a girl but i really don’t get the logic behind it.

And can you believe i have come across some, one of a kind people who gets this sick feeling even by the name of lizards and cockroaches.




Well, yeah! All kind of people are found on our planet. However i am writing this one to share one funny incident from work. I am sure some of you guys must had experienced this ALREADY.

So it was just another regular day at work and since i try to drink a lot of water so its natural that i have to use the washroom a lot.

And toilets in the offices are usually like three four compartments with wooden partitions so if somebody is even breathing a lil louder then you can hear that as well.

So you can very well imagine that if somebody is having a bad stomach day then they will be like a toilet performer and the people in other compartments will be the audience.

So that’s exactly what happened with me!

Hey, i was the audience this time and if in case i have a bad stomach day then i make sure that the auditorium is empty and i am the lone performer as well as the only audience. I don’t want to trouble others 😛

So when i entered i saw that first compartment was busy so i left the immediate next one to it and went into the last one.

And after a minute the concert started. At once i didn’t believe my ears but then there were two three different sounds, so clear that anyone from a distance would know that the person inside is having a bad time pooping



And i knew i had just heard a live performance. LOL


I came out and wanted to meet this brave performer but she remained behind the scenes.

Since we have not much of a strength on our floor, so i tried to find out that missing person but could not

And it still is a mystery: Who was that Bombastic Performer?

And thankfully i don’t know who that was else every time when i would meet them i will definitely have a flashback from the day. 😛



Happy Reading!



Today its been almost ten days since am thinking of staying silent or talk less for ONE whole day.





Impossible! Isn't it?

Impossible! Isn’t it?


Well yeah, i know it is very difficult as i am a woman and not talking is definitely not our genre, not matter what.

I cant recall why did i decide to do that in first place but i remember that its in my head everyday. From the past one week, after i have started my day and am all talking and laughing at work, i always realize, damn, i forgot, i had to be silent for the day.

And AGAiN!

And AGAiN!

But unfortunately i forget it everyday and since i want to do it for an entire day so the rest of the day is spent talking even more than i could on a usual day.

But i tell you what, i really want to try this one day.

Am saying one day because i know it is not going to happen soon.. 😛 He he

I am trying to figure out why “We” as in woman cant keep ourselves from talking and letting out all that is in our head or heart.

Its because, reason 1, we like sharing. We feel that it is our responsibility if we are getting to know something then we have got to share it with our people.

And, important thing is that we don’t just go out and blabber to strangers, you got to be in “OUR PEOPLE” zone to have us share things with you.

So yeah, we have this need inside to let out what got in!

Its that FRESH AIR

Its that FRESH AIR! Seriously

Another reason behind we not being able to control our talking is “OTHERS”.

Even if we are doing it already i.e. keeping mum then the other women around us would not leave us alone. They will ask us millions of questions on why aren’t we talking.



And mostly above all, they will not believe it at all.

Never At All!



And trust me its easier to get back into the game rather than explaining the reason behind our silence when we ourselves are unaware of it. 😛



Am thinking of what other reasons are there that lead us to behave like that!



Well, i think we have some special type of wiring in our anatomy and that anatomy is balanced by talking chromosomes.

Its true i feel, because the only time we keep quiet is when something is not right and we are not feeling good.

That is the only time when you will see us not talking and when we are not talking then it is directly proportional to the degree of upset we are.

Not TALKING== Upset*2

Not TALKING== Upset*2

Its not our fault, we women have this tendency in our mood, where it can go as high as making us feel on the top of the world, happiest person alive and in very next moment we can be still, lifeless as dead.

Don’t get annoyed or mad when the woman in your life, like your sister, mother, wife or girlfriend is in the later phase.

All you need to do to get us back on track is be there with the blanket of your love and care and that is the only trick that does the magic to make the flower bloom and get the smile back on our face 🙂

And if it didn’t get you the 100% results then fix our date with our favorite food or something sweet. It can do wonders i believe. Definitely for me it is the cure, if not completely cured with the first one 😀



And from my “Inner Secrets” journal, that is all for today!

Happy Reading!

Cheers 🙂