Talking? I am WIRED To TAlK!

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Beautiful, Happiness, Humor, Life, Love, Patience, Peace, self love
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Today its been almost ten days since am thinking of staying silent or talk less for ONE whole day.





Impossible! Isn't it?

Impossible! Isn’t it?


Well yeah, i know it is very difficult as i am a woman and not talking is definitely not our genre, not matter what.

I cant recall why did i decide to do that in first place but i remember that its in my head everyday. From the past one week, after i have started my day and am all talking and laughing at work, i always realize, damn, i forgot, i had to be silent for the day.

And AGAiN!

And AGAiN!

But unfortunately i forget it everyday and since i want to do it for an entire day so the rest of the day is spent talking even more than i could on a usual day.

But i tell you what, i really want to try this one day.

Am saying one day because i know it is not going to happen soon.. 😛 He he

I am trying to figure out why “We” as in woman cant keep ourselves from talking and letting out all that is in our head or heart.

Its because, reason 1, we like sharing. We feel that it is our responsibility if we are getting to know something then we have got to share it with our people.

And, important thing is that we don’t just go out and blabber to strangers, you got to be in “OUR PEOPLE” zone to have us share things with you.

So yeah, we have this need inside to let out what got in!

Its that FRESH AIR

Its that FRESH AIR! Seriously

Another reason behind we not being able to control our talking is “OTHERS”.

Even if we are doing it already i.e. keeping mum then the other women around us would not leave us alone. They will ask us millions of questions on why aren’t we talking.



And mostly above all, they will not believe it at all.

Never At All!



And trust me its easier to get back into the game rather than explaining the reason behind our silence when we ourselves are unaware of it. 😛



Am thinking of what other reasons are there that lead us to behave like that!



Well, i think we have some special type of wiring in our anatomy and that anatomy is balanced by talking chromosomes.

Its true i feel, because the only time we keep quiet is when something is not right and we are not feeling good.

That is the only time when you will see us not talking and when we are not talking then it is directly proportional to the degree of upset we are.

Not TALKING== Upset*2

Not TALKING== Upset*2

Its not our fault, we women have this tendency in our mood, where it can go as high as making us feel on the top of the world, happiest person alive and in very next moment we can be still, lifeless as dead.

Don’t get annoyed or mad when the woman in your life, like your sister, mother, wife or girlfriend is in the later phase.

All you need to do to get us back on track is be there with the blanket of your love and care and that is the only trick that does the magic to make the flower bloom and get the smile back on our face 🙂

And if it didn’t get you the 100% results then fix our date with our favorite food or something sweet. It can do wonders i believe. Definitely for me it is the cure, if not completely cured with the first one 😀



And from my “Inner Secrets” journal, that is all for today!

Happy Reading!

Cheers 🙂

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