Mystery POOpEr!!

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Happiness, Humor, Life, Nature
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Toilet humor is certainly funny but i know majority of people in the world would react like EEEwwwwWWW!

But to ME?


I don’t get it, its a part of natural phenomenon of our body but when somebody is eating and you said something around poop then they will be like, Man, i cant eat now.

I always wonder when they react in that manner, are they imagining poop in place of their food or what?

OWWw! The sick FeelinG

OWWw! The sick FeelinG on their Faces!

In this scenario i might look a little insensitive besides being a girl but i really don’t get the logic behind it.

And can you believe i have come across some, one of a kind people who gets this sick feeling even by the name of lizards and cockroaches.




Well, yeah! All kind of people are found on our planet. However i am writing this one to share one funny incident from work. I am sure some of you guys must had experienced this ALREADY.

So it was just another regular day at work and since i try to drink a lot of water so its natural that i have to use the washroom a lot.

And toilets in the offices are usually like three four compartments with wooden partitions so if somebody is even breathing a lil louder then you can hear that as well.

So you can very well imagine that if somebody is having a bad stomach day then they will be like a toilet performer and the people in other compartments will be the audience.

So that’s exactly what happened with me!

Hey, i was the audience this time and if in case i have a bad stomach day then i make sure that the auditorium is empty and i am the lone performer as well as the only audience. I don’t want to trouble others πŸ˜›

So when i entered i saw that first compartment was busy so i left the immediate next one to it and went into the last one.

And after a minute the concert started. At once i didn’t believe my ears but then there were two three different sounds, so clear that anyone from a distance would know that the person inside is having a bad time pooping



And i knew i had just heard a live performance. LOL


I came out and wanted to meet this brave performer but she remained behind the scenes.

Since we have not much of a strength on our floor, so i tried to find out that missing person but could not

And it still is a mystery: Who was that Bombastic Performer?

And thankfully i don’t know who that was else every time when i would meet them i will definitely have a flashback from the day. πŸ˜›



Happy Reading!



  1. Steady Heart says:

    So my favorite thing is that you love gifs as much as I do haha
    Such a funny read!!
    Totally hate when people look at me weird if I even mention pooping haha
    tough crowd, right?


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