The Desperation!

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Beautiful, Happiness, Humor, Life, Love, Patience, Peace
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Doesn’t this word sounds so sinful?

But why is this desperation for anything considered bad? Wanting something to happen, why is that not considered right?

I have this desperation inside of me to write something that reaches out to each and every heart. That everyone can connect to. Would that be considered wrong as well?

If am not wrong, I believe every human has at least one thing or something they are desperate for. Some are desperately looking for fame, some desperately want money (well for this one, everyone is desperate I am sure).

An artist is desperate to create their masterpiece, once in a lifetime painting, a poet dies everyday to become immortal in their words, a chef is desperate for their one signature dish that would leave people asking for more.

And every one of us is desperate for love and care in our lives. Some show this, out loud and some hide this desperation inside!

So why is this desperation not good? Isn’t passion also one of the same things?

Its definitely CONFUSING!


The dictionary says that desperation is hopelessness, is it really true?

I don’t buy that at all.

I don’t know how I got into writing about this word but I feel there is something positive hidden somewhere in the corner behind it. Isn’t it?

When you are desperate for something, you do it, you work for it.

Like when you are thirsty you got to have water to quench that thirst.

No matter how!

No matter how! (I could not keep myself from using this gify.. :P)

And same is the desperation, it is that thirst or hunger of life for various different things.

At some point of time in your life, you will have that desperation. That desperation can be of anything, can be of any sorts. But the point is that you have got to embrace it, you have to let it lead you to something constructive and not mislead you to destruction.

There are always going to be two sides to anything that you want. All of their pros and cons will be laid in front of you.  The wrong ones will be all glittery and full of light but the right ones will be dull and might appear darker. All that matters is which one you pick!

Desperation, passion, obsession, desire, all these words are usually confused with each other depending upon our state of mind. The later two are the darker sides of the first two and when not taken carefully, can lead you to the path of destruction.

At the end whether its passion or its obsession or desperation, they will eventually will build you for who you truly are and want to be. For who you are inside and it will bring that to brighten you outside. And all it depends upon is your STATE OF MIND

I asked many people about what they think passion, desperation, desire and obsession are. And almost everybody was confused when i asked them about the difference in all these.



Some said desperation and obsession are sickness. Some said desperation is nothing but just another word for your needs and desires. And one of them said nowadays people use this term out of their convenience and where they feel it sounds good.

And somebody said  desperation is a mad rat race whereas passion is a quest, and I agree, it really is an unending quest that completes the puzzle of life. But I feel that if desperation is a mad rat race then the race will eventually end at cheese i believe! 😛

The only thing we need to remember is that, be it our passion or our desperation, the outcome of both will only be for US and not the WORLD!

Good luck to you all for your passion, obsession or desperation or whatever it is in your life that you await.

Use it to build you and not break you!




And since writing is the soul of my life story,so here are few words of my story:

Life demands a story for your lifetime,

make sure story of your life is worth many billions,

NOT just a Dime!!


Happy Reading! 🙂 🙂


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