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It’s the truth as true it can be and a lie as fake it can be. But yes it exists and it occurs without any notice, without any  prior intimation. You watch something or you read something and you fall in love with a character.

The character that you had never seen or heard of before but the moment you see them or hear about them, there is a voice in your head that says,  it’s them. It’s the character you had in your mind or in your heart since long ago buried deep within.

It’s the character you always wanted to read or to know about. How can we dream with our eyes open? How can a fictitious character be so influencing that you get blown away with those few moments.

Wow, they exist, but yes not in real. They are just a piece of a puzzle that writer creates in a story.



This is the beauty of writing!



Every writer has this gift of creating something and then breathing a life into it. What does it take to have your readers connect to the substance in your story or in your writing?



Being a reader as well as a writer at the same time, i try to collect those bits and pieces that i look for in someone’s writing.

When i write, i read it a hundred times myself. I recite it to myself as if am one of the audiences who are reading or listening to my words.

Its all unintentional, i never decide on to do this but it happens that every time i read, i always find something that i need to correct. I read every time to make sure that it is conveying the right feelings and the message.

You are the best critic as well as the reader of your writings. Your heart will always know when your words are magical or they are just coming out for the sake of writing.

And I just know one thing that when i am writing something, for each and every word, there is a picture in my head like on the screen,, if the writer says, there were tears in the eyes of a mother. I have a picture in my head, i picture the feeling in those words and that is the connection that everybody including me, waits for.

Everyone of us can create that magic. Some have this gift since always and for some it takes time to learn and polish whatever they write. You will make mistakes, grammatical or all kind of them.

But you will get there.

You will get there, where you’d be able to play only the harmonious strings. And all the noise of strumming will be left behind and what will remain will be a beautiful verse. 🙂

Remember that, not just some times, but every time, if it is something beautiful, may it be anything, it is always going to be NAMELESS.

If you can name it, then you are limiting it and if you cant name it then it has no restrictions or limitations and it will be free to mold itself, shape itself to be the best of what it can be!

Until next time, you and I find something nameless and beautiful..!!