The Story of ImPerFeCtIoN!!

Posted: July 9, 2016 in Beautiful, Happiness, Life, Love, Peace
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In our day to day life we come across so many things that show us the beauty of life, beauty of being alive, beauty of being loved, beauty of being able to love.

Not sure, how many of us pay attention to the lessons or messages universe sends to us.

Through these messages we are made to realize that to reach perfection, sometimes the only way is imperfection!

How many times were you able to decode these day to day messages trying to reach us?

I feel that somewhere, sometimes I do understand these messages but at times I fail too. But good things is this failure is not always, am so glad that I can see, not just what is visible or on the surface but also what lies beneath the surface.

So one of these messages I received, which I was able to decode. 🙂

I can’t express the gratitude I felt and it was so beautiful and a wordless experience.

Everything in this world revolves around one great power, and that power is the power of LOVE!

I was going to drop off my parents as they had to visit some relatives. So we were in the car, talking and discussing about a few things.

Suddenly, on the left side of the road, i saw this couple on a bike. They were not in any rush, and were engrossed into each other, talking and laughing.

I kept watching and observing them until i lost focus of them in the rear view mirror.



They weren’t any usual couple.

There was something special, something captivating about them that caught my attention.

Firstly, they were newly wedded and secondly, i will not go deep into the physicality but just want to let you know that they were different from all of us.



They were physically a bit different from us but what they had, we being the normal humans do not have!



They had this unconditional love, a pure bond which even a blind could see and a heartless could feel.

They had this trust among them, the lady knew that no matter what, her man wont let her fall and with this belief she was sitting behind him with just one hand on her man’s shoulder as a gesture of faith and belief.



God didn’t made them physically perfect but he blessed them with the one thing that is hardest to find: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

The love, which was PERFECT, where he being the man of house, would still help her knowing that she left her home and everything for him and every day she tries to make sure that he is fed, he is cared for, he is pampered, no matter if she gets the same in return or not. Not that they told me all this, but all this was so obvious.



Where as, the perfect beings are so entangled in the conditions that all they are left with is the imperfect life and imperfect everything.

Why does it have to be like that?



A promise cant be kept, a commitment holds no meaning, just the lies marking the beginning and the rest of the life stories.

In all this messed up world how serene it is to be able to see the love growing between two souls which are not perfect for the world but yet they have the perfect world.

Yet another magical incident happened with me that i couldn’t resist to share with you all.

We are given messages, so just another message that i am trying to pass on to every reader out there.

Love isn’t going to be perfect,,

Its the imperfections that holds its WORTH!!



And with a hope that you all find that perfect love made of imperfections, i will meet you again with something precious and something REAL!!

Cheers!! 🙂

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