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I had been away, away from everything, that was mine, the place, the people, my writing, almost every single thing in my life!

I am in a new world.



In a new land, with new people, the cold place,,

Its cold here, no its really cold like bone chilling cold.




I love the cold but at times its too much to take.

I came from a land where it was warm, hot, where there were faces around, but here its cold everywhere.

Not just the place but people too!

I love the fact that besides being cold that would make every living thing die, the beauty of this land still stands.



In this lifelessness of cold, the beauty around here brings some warmth to the soul.

And this beauty of lifeless cold made me write a few sentences:



I watch out from the window,

I see it slowly falling down,

I see it slowly melting into the warmth of the ground,,

The heaps of the white sand on the side of the road,

I watch it moving ahead of us, I watch it in the night when it glowed,,

The colors of the chill in the air, 

I loved it when it froze my skin, I love those tiny flurries stuck in my hair,,

The scent of the cold goes deep within,

You feel that cold in your blood, you feel the magic of winters when you’re breathing,,

Not going away anywhere, these chills are here for a long,

Perhaps where we notice the least is where the beauty belong!

Every word above is something i felt in my heart.

Its only when i feel something then i am able to write and looks like i didn’t feel anything from long.

Feels like am loosing my sense of writing.

But these few words relieved me, these few words made me realize that it is all right to wait and write when you feel it within you.

As Empty words on paper cant leave their trails behind!!

Happy Reading