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Not just today or yesterday or from a decade, but from millions of years, world has seen the power of the earthly treasures.

Thousands of years ago, the power of riches were measured in the form of stones. Then came the era of metals, which this mankind was not capable of producing but was given to them by mother nature. The ones who had these metals became capable of doing anything and they became powerful.

The mankind slowly began to measure every bare necessity of their lives with these metals and stones. The ones who had these stones and metals in their possession began to dominate the ones who did not. And this is how it started to mark the beginning of division of classes within mankind.

Not just one or two, but division was made on every aspect possible.

Only thing common in all these classes was human himself, but nobody could see it or realize it. They all were made of flesh and they all had blood running through their veins but the only difference was that some were blinded by these riches and some were not.

Over the centuries and decades, mankind is loosing the essence of their existence. They are loosing the sole purpose of their existence, they are loosing answers to all the Whys, whats and hows. All they are chasing is the gold, platinum and above all the pieces of papers which we call as ‘MONEY’.

How do you get rich by owning just these papers?

Why this paper has so much power that it is running the world?



These pieces of colored paper are so powerful that they hold in them the power of bringing two nations at war with each other. Where thousands and millions of men or women fight without even knowing each other and for no explainable cause.

If you were given a choice to live a life that has no colors in it and by colors i mean, the color of emotions, the color of being alive, the color of being able to express your feelings and thoughts and all the countless things which a human is blessed with and not money (but yes just enough of it so that you could live, but no luxuries). Or you were given just money and none of emotions or feelings.

Which one would you choose?

I know, many of you would say that this is not practical, and just a bookish assumption. But just think about it for a second and tell me if you dont get the chills thinking of a life that will have no smiles, no tears, no anger or no words of comfort but just a body that breathes and is alive.

What if you wake up one morning and you dont have the need to talk, need to wish someone morning or go see your kids if they are still sleeping or awake or if they are ready for school. Your eyes just open up and you get out of bed, go brush your teeth, take shower, eat your meal and wear any clothes and leave for work.

In short, the life is all robotic for one day, you dont look at yourself in mirror because you dont care how you look, you dont talk to anyone and just work and come back, eat and goto bed again.

How useful does this life sounds to you?

What would you do with all the money? Because you dont feel anything so, whom would you feel like showing it ?

With whom would you share your life?

No One!

There would be no one and that life would be missing the most important thing, LIFE itself.

Life is given to you so that you can feel, share and see the magic of being alive. Money, its a piece of paper and hold its worth as long as we have it. Once it disappears, trust me people will start living without it. World is like a herd of sheep, where one goes, rest of them follows.

At present, everybody is going after money and luxuries. But think for yourself, how much of what is important to you and your life.

Dont just run after money because its future you are worried about. If you are able to earn it today, you’d be able to earn it tomorrow as well. Dont loose your life of today so that you can earn for tomorrow, which perhaps is unknown.

I have chosen to feel everything in my life, may it be love or happiness or it is anger or disappointment. They make me feel alive. Because of these emotions i write, and i know that only because of these emotions we are able to do something and achieve something in life.

Be rich, but firstly in being richly alive and then run for money afterwards when you have nothing else to do.

Lets be alive first and then lets get some Munnnneeeyyyyy!