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I am an year older, but am i wiser now?



Every year passes like every other one. Sometimes there is progress and sometimes it just goes away like that and you keep thinking about all those moments you missed to live.



The science of our body and mind is so unique and so magnificent that no studies haveĀ  been able to get to the roots of its phenomenon.

The body ages, but the brain gets more active and more aware of the workings of this world and its surroundings. The mind understands how to and what to look for in this world.

Our mind always look for answers, answer to all the thoughts we had today or in the past which could not justify their existence in our head.

After the mind, comes our body, which always have needs. Its not that our mind doesn’t have any needs or demands but usually all of its needs are met through our body in one way or the other.

Then there is a third part to our existence, the Soul.



In our day to day lives, how many of us pay attention to it?



How many of us sit aside and think about what is it that we are missing in our lives?



The answer would be none of us. Nobody even consider a percentage of soul stuff in their day to day activities.

Who has time for that bullshit? Right?



The world just tells you to do your duties day and night and at one point in your life when you are on the verge of breaking down, then you wake up.

Or, when we get old and ain’t working anymore, we get time to listen to our soul and that’s when they say, Oh, you get wise when you get old.

The truth is, you get wise when you start listening to your soul, to your inner voice.

You give it what its starving for since the beginning.

Our soul is our inner voice which tells us what it needs. It needs nourishment just like our body.

From time to time, our inner voice tries to tell us what it needs.

We neglect it and then wonder around in the world looking for it, but we don’t know what it is, because we never listened to ourselves, we turned away from our own needs.

The soul in us, it craves for a purpose, for the enlightenment of a path that may free it from the strings of the world.

We come into this world with a journey give to us and we are foretold that we will get distracted and we will get offtrack of our purpose but there will be a voice to guide us all along.

The soul needs to clear itself of all the cruel thoughts you had for yourself. It needs to clean itself of all the times when we punished ourselves.

I recently read that ‘WE‘are our first and the biggest critic. The world comes later in the picture, we punish our self first.

What ‘The soul ‘ starves for is, pure love. The love that is not dictated by the rules of the religion or the society.

But the love for the self, the world is cruel enough already.

We give chance to everybody, no matter how close or related they are to us.

But we miss to give a chance to our self.

We run after things we cant get and we fail to value what we have.

Sometimes, we just need to sit down alone and listen to what our heart and our brains have to say for certain things. Half of the answers you will find then.

You don’t need any third person to make you hear what you have to say. Just take out some moments in quiet and let your inner self tell you about what it needs. What is it that’s bothering you or troubling you?

Every one of us needs something, there is something which our life needs and is looking for.

How would you give it what it wants unless you know what it is?

Some people need passion, which could be for anything, from a person to places or things. But they need a passion in their lives to keep them going.



Some have had experiences in their lives that the soul develops some gap which are hard to fill.

But one thing i know is that the gaps wouldn’t fill themselves until somebody comes along and you allow them to fill the space.

People or us or you or me, we all seek attention, care and love. We all need attention, we all need somebody who value us. For whom we are the vital part of their life.

Some are brave enough to say it out loud and some are not and they keep it all inside waiting it come to the surface.

Feed the soul with what it needs and everything will fall into the place itself.

We all have unanswered questions but the real question is which ones are worth answering?