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To the new year, i wish it’d bring you all what 2018 missed,

But hold on to it, don’t yet be pissed,

For every pit, for every ditch that made you fall,

The happy year coming will make you rise, it will make you have it all,

For I look back no more as I hope this year ends,

I look forward to a smooth journey for I have seen enough bends,

I promise myself to be happy and wise,

For the days to come, I am ready to pay any price,

For the world within me deserves more than what is out there,

For when I close my eyes I see the light and I say my only prayer,

And I pray that there shall be peace in all the worlds,

For all can see the rising sun and all can listen to the song of the birds,

My dreams are ready to take another flight this year,

For the future seems bright, am sure all the fruits it will bear!

Have a lovely year ahead!

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On this day, the world wants to celebrate the womanhood.

My question is, why just one day?

Why does our worth needs to be realized just once every year?

Being a woman, i know am strong, i know i can do anything to everything but yet i am restricted, am not allowed to do anything.

Not because i cant do it or i don’t want to, but, its not what the world, this society, my culture or my religion would allow me to do.



They like us to be weak, they like us to  be vulnerable so that they can feel powerful. So that they can always have somebody to point their finger to when they loose, when they are frustrated, when they are clueless.

That’s what they think our existence is for. To help them feel powerful, to help them feel motivated because they know we are giving enough to loose, just to let them win and let them have that self contentment.



But, for I, the women, that is where my power lies.

I know, if i can help you win and stand up then i can always stand aside and let you fall.

If i have the courage to loose and still smile then imagine what i can do for my own self with the same power that i vest out in the world.



Its just that the instincts given to me and how i am made that stops me from being selfish, that stops me from putting myself first.

I have it in my blood to give out, to help others win the battle and make this world a better place to live.



I dont demand any dollars as they are mere a piece of papers  to fulfill any of my dreams or my desires,

I dont foresee mercy from the world as this world runs because of ME,,

Its not the worship i seek like rest of the world demands,

Its just ME that i want to live and want to BE!!

Sometimes i feel that women live in the shadows. As its assumed that for everything they do, they should seek approval.

And god forbid, if they did something on their own then its so rebellious.

They cant sleep when they want, cant eat what they wish as they might not look good enough. They are judged for their clothes, for their drinks.



Why is there no equality?

Why does the house needs to be taken care by a woman? Why cant man and woman equally take care of the house?

If she is the lady of the house and should look after each and every bit then why cant he being man of the house equally take care of it?

The world, the society has divided us deep from the core that even though a man wants to help but they cant.

You know why? Because other men around him would judge him, would pass on their male chauvinistic judgments to appear more powerful and belittle them.



Its all about one little part of human body that can bring the change. And that part is your brains, you rewire it to think in a different way and everything will change.

Not even on this day the eve teasing, rape or molesting would stop then why celebrate it?



Celebrate it on the day when you know your wife, your daughter, your sister, your mother is treated well in the world and is not judged for she being herself.

That is when this day would mean something or will be worth celebrating!


I had been away, away from everything, that was mine, the place, the people, my writing, almost every single thing in my life!

I am in a new world.



In a new land, with new people, the cold place,,

Its cold here, no its really cold like bone chilling cold.




I love the cold but at times its too much to take.

I came from a land where it was warm, hot, where there were faces around, but here its cold everywhere.

Not just the place but people too!

I love the fact that besides being cold that would make every living thing die, the beauty of this land still stands.



In this lifelessness of cold, the beauty around here brings some warmth to the soul.

And this beauty of lifeless cold made me write a few sentences:



I watch out from the window,

I see it slowly falling down,

I see it slowly melting into the warmth of the ground,,

The heaps of the white sand on the side of the road,

I watch it moving ahead of us, I watch it in the night when it glowed,,

The colors of the chill in the air, 

I loved it when it froze my skin, I love those tiny flurries stuck in my hair,,

The scent of the cold goes deep within,

You feel that cold in your blood, you feel the magic of winters when you’re breathing,,

Not going away anywhere, these chills are here for a long,

Perhaps where we notice the least is where the beauty belong!

Every word above is something i felt in my heart.

Its only when i feel something then i am able to write and looks like i didn’t feel anything from long.

Feels like am loosing my sense of writing.

But these few words relieved me, these few words made me realize that it is all right to wait and write when you feel it within you.

As Empty words on paper cant leave their trails behind!!

Happy Reading