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I took the road less travelled so I could see my steps graving into the path,

I recited my words again and again so I could hear if they were healing or not,

Bearing the burden on these shoulders I still held my head high,

For at nights, I heard the silence of the dark and I heard the wolves cry,

I gathered all my strength and I gathered all my dreams,

Then I closed my eyes and went to sleep,

The journey I started is not ending soon and it’s not just for today,

I am going to walk until I have a reason to turn back is all I can say!!



How often do you feel like dancing?



You wake up in the morning and suddenly a song strikes your mind and you cant stop playing that in your head.




No Diggity!!!

Yes, i know, its not very often that life gets easy on you and let you feel that rhythm but sometimes, it is only life that makes you hear that song.

You feel that everything is going all right and if not then it will be all right somehow.



Why cant we believe that every single day? Why does it hasΒ to be just one day or someday that gives us this sense of peace and a sense of calm?



Its not easy to understand the chemistry of this brain with life which sets our entire physics into a turmoil πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Isn’t that funny and true at the same time?

I have met so many people and have seen so many things in this world that now i have started to understand some of these fundamentals.



So for one day or i would say for this moment i felt that happy beat in me and it even made my walk a happy walk, my talk a happy talk.


Loosen it up for a day, loosen up the stress, loosen up those conscious shoulders and just walk freely not just for the sake of doing it but for the sake of being alive.

Do what you love, do it more, do it more often.

Because it feeds your soul, it feeds your spirit. It gives you the power to keep going forward until you know you have reached where you wanted to be.



Today i found that beat somehow and i will hold onto it as long as i can.

May be its your turn next to start dancing!

Thanks for stopping by!



There is an urge to write. Write about the most beautiful yet most dreadful feeling in this world.


I think about love and there goes a jitter from my body to my brains to my soul. What is Love?


I still Wonder IF i know, if i had been able to find out what this magic is.Β  When in the movies, in the reel life i see somebody in love, i feel all of it myself.

LOVE is when two friends share each others life and unknowingly one of them falls in love with the other one.

LOVE is when unknowingly you think about somebody. You long to meet them, be with them , talk to them and in your dreams you see them. Its true, you really see them in your dreams.

And when you meet that person, then you really cannot bear anyone else talking to them except you.


The feeling Of JEALOUSY, the feeling of care, the feeling of waiting for them, waiting to get their one glimpse, and the feeling of falling in love with those days and nights.


SO BEautifull everything feels that. I don’t know how it feels but yet i know about that feeling. πŸ™‚

Happy Reading!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚