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I was thinking about writing my next post and was confused between some of the topics like boozing or relations etc. Then i thought these are the topics that are nice to discuss but we get to read them every then and now.

So, i was thinking hard and even harder to decide what to write that everybody would like it. I decided to wait till some out of the box idea lands into my brains with perfect landing.. 😉

So i am at work the other day, and day is going fun as always. Because my cubicle is the most famous one as its the most happening place where people really have fun along with the work. And i mean it, if you dont trust me, then its alright, i don’t mind.. 😛 😀

The Three Musketeers of our Cubicle trying to pull out an idea off each other’s brains as a fun activity… 😛 !!!

I get off track while writing most of the times because there are alot many things which i feel i should share with everyone reading this.

So, we are working post lunch. Me and colleague ‘Nikhil’ we work on the same project so we are always talking, cracking joke and at times discussing work as well. 🙂

While doing the third, i was starring hard into my system trying to verify a problem with an icon and am blabbering along to Nikhil about this icon is not clear, it has  this or that blah blah.

And, while staring into the system, i realize i am not getting any response from Nikhil. Had he left, is he again playing game on the phone or god forbid what???

So, i turn around immediately to check what the hell is he doing.

And i see, Nikhil is sitting just behind me with his fingers busy curling around a long hair in his eyebrows.

I look again now to his eyebrows to confirm if that is what he is doing. And yes!!!!

He is damn seriously looking into my system and curling that one long hair. God knows, what he is trying with that.

Does it helps him to think better or just what????

I am into all laughter watching him like that, so i hold my breath and ask him, what the hell are you doing????

He replies, ahh, this one long hair i have found and i am trying to pull that out..


I am again laughing and told him, dude, you can get threading done for this as it will give your eyebrows a more precision (Sarcastically). 😉

And then the next thing i see, he pulls it out finally,, and holding it in his hand taking a good look at it.

There dies that hair, that struggled hard to resist power of Nikhil..

And i ask him, so you gonna save this big string as an antique or what?

Nikhil throws it away and there starts another discussion about men shaving their body these days.

And i still wonder, how does men bear to get those thick bushes waxed off their body!!!!

Nikhil, ashamed of that murder!!

Nikhil, ashamed of that murder!!

Will be updating some more pics to make you familiar with what happens in my cubicle.. 🙂

Happy Reading!!!!! 🙂

Some people are dumb to a degree not measurable in our world yet..
I am sure every one of you must have met some of them around you.
Ahh, here we go..

I am at work and day is going fine until the reminder pops up on my screen for the daily meeting with our client.
Well, that’s not a problem at all because those people are the world’s best clients. So where is the problem?
Problem is that our Mic, which we are supposed to use for the call, stops working only at 1:00pm in the entire day.
And from past few days it was a big pain in the ass that i literally had to hold the mic pin in a particular position to make it work and at that time i felt like grrrrrrrr!!!

I wish i could break that system/machine into pieces.
But had to find a solution for that, so i am using the iPad today for the call.. YAYYYYYYYY !!!!   What a relief it was.. I am dancing, but just a lil in my head.. 🙂

Now, lets do the meeting, i have the ipad so no more mic issue or any disturbances, i say it to my colleague.
We find an empty conference room to avoid any interference. Then starts the meeting.
WELCOME TO GOTO MEETING, Online Meetings made easy!!!
Sound—- Pinggggg!!!!!

You are the first caller on the line and will be placed on hold until the next caller arrives, PINGGGGGG!!!!!
MEeting starts, we greet each other. I am all contented that today we will do it without being muted.

Ah, thats what usually used to happen with us while using the mic. The poor client complained about our voice echos and getting to hear everything twice, so they muted us many times.

I tell you this is the minus of working in not veryyyy big firms, yet good enough(In case anyone from my organization reads it. ;))


So, we are being told by the client about something important and here enters the disturbance number1.
Directly entering the room, looking at our faces and hearing the client blabbering on speakers.

Are you on Call??? He asks. What the “F”, can you not see yourself.
Ah alright, he leaves. And guess what?

He comes back a minute later with a person famous in office as a loudspeaker.

Now, i am trying to concentrate on what our so nice clients are talking about and the two disturbances are standing just two feet from me, trying not to be loud but fuckingly loud to not let me hear a word from the speaker.


I say to myself, calm down!! SO, me and my colleague decides to move to the other corner of the conference table so that we can hear out the stuff being discussed.

We moved to the other end and now the two disturbances are on the highest of their pitch and discussing.

I give a look to my colleague asking,

what the PHUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!


Now we cant hear anything, and i go like CANT YOU PHUCKING SEE WE ARE ON A CALL HERE???? (I wish i could say like that 😛)


But i cant say that, so i give worst of my face expressions and say,,

          EXCUSE ME!!!! WE ARE ON A CALL HERE…..!!

And ah,, here the two disturbances wakes up to realize that there were already other people on important call in the room whom they have annoyed with their fucking discussion which they could have done in some other room..


They leave the room and the next thing we hear is Thanks For Joining The Call… 😐

HAppy Reading ! ! ! ! ! 🙂